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Totes Luxe UK - Your Favourite Sustainable Handbag Brand

Who We Are

Totes Luxe UK is a London based fashion brand that prides itself on providing luxury and ethical handbags at a fair price. We've modelled our bags on much-loved styles, so that you maximise your money spent with every purchase. 

We Believe In Guilt-Free & Ethical Bags

With sustainability at our core, all of our bags are eco-friendly, sourced and produced ethically. We use only cruelty-free leather, recycled materials wherever possible, and insist that all suppliers follow our fair trade ethos.

We Believe In Affordable Luxury For Everyone

We believe that everyone has the right to luxury style - no matter who they are. That's why we provide free shipping with every order, and are constantly thinking of ways to provide chic styles at a modest price. 

Refresh your entire handbag collection for the price of just one designer handbag.

Ethical Bags That Are Oh-So Beautiful 

Each bag has been carefully selected and specially crafted with you and the planet in mind. At Totes Luxe UK we agree that fashion should have no boundaries and we make it a priority to deliver this in all of our collections! From sustainable leather bags to tote bags in all the shades and styles you love, there's something for everyone.
Entirely run by women, our brand aims to inspire others to embrace their own style during the daily hustle.